The Gentlemen's Club Of A Forest Of Stars


The Gentlemen’s Club (or “webological portal” if you prefer the vulgar term) is currently undergoing some much needed reconstruction and expansion after the great psychic war* of 1898 left it in a shameful state, not to mention a lot of blood and viscera to mop up.

The works are scheduled to be completed sometime in 1899, please be patient while we restore it back to its former, decaying opulence once again.

Meanwhile you can still avail yourself of our musical performances here: bandcamp


Our live performances upcoming are as follows:

29th July 2022 - The Old Hairdressers, Glasgow, UK

3rd September 2022 - Warhorns, Drax Power Station, UK

29th September/1st October 2022 - Prophecy Fest, Balve, Germany

4th December 2022 - HRH Vikings IV, Sheffield, UK


* We won, in case you were wondering. I mean, it’s pretty self-evident, thinking about it, otherwise there’d just be no website, or update or me writing this or whatever. Unless - this is a ruse by our so-called magus enemies, but then if that was the case, why would they go to the trouble to write all this? Unless - it’s a clever triple bluff? Gah! This sort of thinking just ties me in knots. A bit like what we did to our foe’s intestines, incidentally. Believe what you will, oh reader of the brave and bold and slightly shabby.