The Gentlemen's Club Of A Forest Of Stars


The Gentlemen’s Club (or “webological portal” if you prefer the vulgar term) is currently undergoing some much needed reconstruction and expansion after the great psychic war of 1898 left it in a shameful state, not to mention a lot of blood and viscera to mop up.

The works are scheduled to be completed sometime in 1899, please be patient while we restore it back to its former, decaying opulence once again.

Meanwhile you can still avail yourself of our musical performances here: bandcamp


The eagle eyed amongst you will have noticed that we have been disappearing from concert billings quite a bit recently.

It is as simple as it is essential. A chronic and seemingly undiagnosable affliction is weighing the heaviest of burdens upon one of our own. Our reading of this is that for the time being it ends our current tenure as a live act.Now, we've come to realise that despite our best efforts to derail ourselves we do appear to be perfectionists when we want to be, so the concept of performing live without them is disgusting and unthinkable. To honour these concerts without them would render us as a grotesque tribute act, which is not what you will have paid good money to see.We began as a studio-only project (hilariously, we briefly were going to try and keep our identities and membership of the band completely secret, even from friends and loved ones, which considering how much of gossipers and tattle-taler's we are, is hilariously pretentious). This informs us however that we can continue in this fashion. Despite a lack of any release of music since 2018, we are all-guns-blazing in the background with new material.
For those who we have met on the road, and those with whom we have built strong friendships, we will see you around in our various alternative guises, gigs and on personal affairs. To everyone who has come to see us over the years, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for sharing in this strange and exciting experience.We will return to the stage when we are ready. This may be next year, or may not be on this side of the veil. In the meantime, we look forward to releasing new music in the future.
We remain strong in heart, will and mind.

A Forest of Stars